Camions Cabines De Pulvérisation / L 16000 Bus and Truck Painting Booth

L 16000 Bus and Truck Painting Booth

Code produit L 16000 ( otobüs ve kamyon )

Pony Car Paint Booth with a professional working environment are waiting for you . Pony who closely follow the automotive industry requirements in the industry that the best way to detect and study engages in this direction . Turkey has a history of over 13 years in the business with our innovative and dynamic structure, auto paint booths to mind when one has managed to become one of the leading companies . Le Bus and Truck 16000 for coloring and health and safety norms in a manner you can. We prepare a healthy and safe environment , Le Bus and Truck Spray Booth 16000 is waiting for you with the professional results . Our product with the relevant technical information , photo gallery and video gallery are listed below . Le Bus and Truck spray booth 16000 to request information about the prices offered by pressing the button you want to do is fill in the required information . Your offer related to our authorized return will provide to you within a short time .

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L 16000  ( otobüs ve kamyon)
Döküman No 01-012 Şasesiz , zeminde kanal tünel   
    çalışmalı, tek sıra ızgara  
KABİN TİPİ L 16000   
Ölçüler: Uzunluk Genişlik Yükseklik Alan
Dış (mm) 16200 5120 5600  
İç (mm) 16000 5000 4970 80
  Fan Kapasitesi Toplam Fan K. Motor Kapasitesi
 Temiz Hava  4 x 18,000 m3/h 72000 4 x 7,5 hp(5,5 Kw)
 Egsoz  4 x 18,000 m3/h 72000 4 x 7,5 hp(5,5 Kw)
 Toplam  8 x 18,000 m3/h 8 x 7,5 hp(5,5 Kw)
Brulör 2 x 250,000 kcal/h (motorin)
Hava Hızı (boş kabinde) 0,25 m/sn
Kapılar Giriş / orta Kapı Servis Kapısı
  3600 mm (w) x 4000 mm (h) 800 mm (w) x 2100 mm (h) . 2 adet
Hava Değişimi 181 defa / h (boş kabin)
Aydınlatma Standart  Yandan Aydınlatma Toplam
22 22 x 4 x 36 watt 24 x 3 x 18 watt 4464
Kasa Floresan   WATT
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