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Eco 6000 Car Painting Booth

Pony Car Paint Booth with a professional working environment are waiting for you. Pony who closely follow the automotive industry requirements in the industry that the best way to detect and study engages in this direction. Turkey has a history of over 13 years in the business with our innovative and dynamic structure, auto paint booths to mind when one has managed to become one of the leading companies. Eco Auto Painting booths with 6000 health and safety norms in a manner you can. We prepare a healthy and safe environment, professional results with Eco Booth 6000 is waiting for you. Our product with the relevant technical information, photo gallery and video gallery are listed below. Eco 6000 paint booth to request information about the prices offered by pressing the button you want to do is fill in the required information. Your offer related to our authorized return will provide to you within a short time.

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ECO 6000
Döküman No 01-001      
Ölçüler: Uzunluk Genişlik Yükseklik Alan
Dış (mm) 6200 3880 3130  
İç (mm) 6000 3800 2500 22,8
  Fan Kapasitesi Toplam Fan K. Motor Kapasitesi
 Temiz Hava  18,000 m3/h 18000 7,5 hp(5,5 Kw)
 Egsoz  18,000 m3/h 18000 5,5 hp(4 Kw)
 Toplam  2 x 18,000 m3/h  
Brulör 150,000 kcal/h (motorin)
Hava Hızı (boş kabinde) 0,22 m/sn
Kapılar Giriş Kapısı Servis Kapısı
  2400 mm (w) x 2410 mm (h) ------
Hava Değişimi 316 defa / h (boş kabin)
Aydınlatma Standart  Yandan Aydınlatma Toplam
8 8 x 3 x 36 watt ------ 864
Kasa Floresan   WATT
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